BIM and Auto Cad


Building Information Modeling (BIM) has changed the pre-construction process. 
This gave a 3D view of the project from start to finish. 

Thermal Imaging


This camera is an amazing prevention tool.  We are able to visually see high resistance areas of electrical current. These photos also satisfy Insurance requirements 

Light Audits

Going Green

We are certified with the State of Illinois to install Energy Efficiency Measures.
We can help you to lower your operating costs as well as your maintenance costs.

We at Swedberg Electric are confident in in our ability to provide excellent service.

Swedberg Electric, INC is a full service company.  See a few of our Services:

BIM Modeling

CAD Drawings 2D and 3D

CAT5 and CAT6 instillation and testing

Commercial Equipment Hook up

Electrical Energy Analysis

Electrical Service Upgrade

Energy Audit and Safety Inspection

Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofits

Factory Control Work/ PLC Programing Design

Fire Alarm Installation

Generator Installation

Healthcare Maintenance

High Output Office Lighting

High Voltage Wiring and Connections

Load/Power Analysis

New Construction and Remodel

Parking Lot Lights and Light Repairs

Photometric Plans

Security Lighting

Signage Wiring and Repairs

Thermal Imaging

Water Plant Maintenance

Vehicle Charging Stations